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 The River Current


Clean Water Congress reports and other publications

The Clean Water Congress was an event held annually by the Hudson Basin River Watch.  The last Clean Water Congress event was held in 2008, after which funding ran out.  This event was a competition of schools from across the region to test their skills and knowledge of fresh water quality monitoring.  

In preparation, students worked in teams with an instructor and would monitor water quality of a local stream, river or creek during the year.  Data was collected and analyzed, and a report of their findings was assembled.  Additionally, a poster presentation and an oral presentation were prepared.

At the Clean Water Congress event, these teams of students arrived and made their oral presentations to the audience which consisted of all participants and judges, including representatives from the NY State DEC and Hudson Basin River Watch.  The oral presentation and the poster presentation were judged and scored.  Additionally, teams were tested in several areas including: water chemistry and macro invertebrate identification.   

The Schoharie River Center sent a team of students to the Clean Water Congress each year up from 2002 until it was discontinued in 2008.  Here are links to the scientific reports that our Environmental Study Teams have put together over the years.

It is our vision to start a similar type of event in the Schoharie and Mohawk watershed in the next year or two.  If you are interested in helping to organize such an event, please contact us.

Archaeological Excavations at the Fineour Canal Store - This is the publications of the findings of the 2016 Summer Archeology Field School in Fort Plain, NY.

Mohawk Watershed Symposium 2014 -

 Improving Water Quality in the Mohawk River Basin through Expanding Community Based Stream Monitoring Teams and Riparian Recovery Activities on the Schoharie and Mohawk Watershed

Mohawk Watershed Symposium  2012 -

A Post Hurricane Irene Rapid Bioassessment of  the Water Quality of the Schoharie Creek at Burtonsville, NY

Clean Water Congress 2008 - A Rapid Bio-Assessment of the Normanskill Creek Relative to the Duanesburg Sanitary Landfill

Clean Water Congress 2007 - A Rapid Bioassessment of Wilsey Creek, a tributary to the Schoharie Creek, Montgomery County, New York.

Clean Water Congress 2006 - A Rapid Bio-Reassessment of the Schoharie Creek Between Sloansville and Burtonsville, Schoharie, Schenectady and Montogomery County, NY.

Clean Water Congress 2005 - A Rapid Bioassessment of Summit
Lake, NY and Heart Lake, Pa.

Clean Water Congress 2004 - A Rapid Bioassessment of the Schoharie Creek between Sloansville and Burtonsville.

Clean Water Congress 2003 - A Rapid Bioassessment of the Schoharie Creek between Sloansville and Esperance.

Clean Water Congress 2002 - A Rapid Bioassessment of the Schoharie Creek, Schenectady, Montgomery and Schoharie County, NY.

To view these reports, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click the icon below if you need to download or update your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.